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  • License is permanent and never expires (no annual fee).
  • Paid users are entitled to receive unlimited technical support during one year or more and additionally get support on a priority basis.
  • Price does not include Sales Tax or VAT which may be applicable in some regions.
  • Purchases of 5 or more licenses qualify for volume discount. Contact us to get a competitive custom quote.
QuantitéPrix par LicencePrixpour macOS
Licence uniqueFr.203.00Fr.203ACHETER
5 licencesFr.145.80Fr.729ACHETER
10 licencesFr.116.00Fr.1160ACHETER

Licence d'étudiant [entièrement fonctionnelle]

We extend student pricing to college, university, k12 and homeschool students, school teachers and to academic institutions purchasing software for end-users in those positions. Government laboratories do not usually qualify unless the end-user is a student. Online courses participants may be eligible for this license. If in any doubt, please contact us before placing your order.

QuantitéPrix par LicencePrixpour macOS
Licence uniqueFr.92.00Fr.92ACHETER
4 licencesFr.51.75Fr.207ACHETER
40 licencesFr.39.13Fr.1565ACHETER

We extend this pricing to academic, research, all grade levels staff (incl. administrators) and to institutions purchasing software for end-users in those positions. Government laboratories, federally funded research and development centers and non-profit organizations with current proof of 501(c)(3) non-profit status do qualify for this license.

QuantitéPrix par LicencePrixpour macOS
Licence uniqueFr.124.00Fr.124ACHETER
5 licencesFr.104.20Fr.521ACHETER
10 licencesFr.92.70Fr.927ACHETER


You will receive an e-mail (usually in a few minutes) with download instructions and product key. You can download the software as.


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