Rank and Percentile

The Rank and Percentile command calculates ranks and percentile ranks for input variable observations.

How To

Run: Statistics→Nonparametric Statistics→ Rank and Percentile...

Select variables.

Optionally, select a method for breaking ties.

o    Average rank - each tie is replaced with the average group rank.

o   Maximal rank - each tie is replaced with the highest group rank.

o   Minimal rank - each tie is replaced with the lowest group rank.

o   Sequential rank - ranks are assigned in order they appear in the variable.

Optionally, select how to sort output table rows – in original order of observations, in ascending rank order (default method in Microsoft Excel) or in descending rank order.

Casewise deletion method is used for missing values removal.



For each input variable table with ranks and percentiles is computed. Each row contains five values: observation index, value, rank, percentile and rank in descending order.

A rank or order statistic, in ascending order, is the relative position of an observation on the values of a sample - jth rank of a sample is equal to its jth smallest value, so the lower values are given the lower rank.

A percentile rank is the percentage of observations fall below a given observation.


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