Random Numbers Generation

This menu can be used to generate pseudo random data from different distributions.

How To

Open the Data→ Random Numbers Generation menu and select the distribution, random numbers should be drawn from.

Enter the number of variables (columns) to produce into the Number of New Variables field.

Enter the number of data points for each variable into the Random Numbers Count field.

Enter values used to characterize the selected distribution.

o   Discrete Uniform, Continuous Uniform
Characterized by lower and upper bounds. Used to model the data that range over an interval of equally probable values. Discrete Uniform command generates integer numbers.

o   Normal
Characterized by a mean and a standard deviation. The normal distribution is often used to describe, at least approximately, any variable that tends to cluster around the mean.

o   Chi-Square
Characterized by degrees of freedom. The chi-square distribution is rarely used to model natural phenomena, but it often arises in the hypothesis tests.

o   F distribution (also known as Snedecor's F distribution or the Fisher–Snedecor distribution)
Characterized by degrees of freedom for the numerator and degrees of freedom for the denominator. The F-distribution models the distribution of the ratio of two chi-square distributed random variables.


Variables with random values from a specified distribution are generated.