StatPlus for Windows Portable

No need to carry a mainframe computer to perform a complex statistical analysis when you visit a remote lab. Even a notebook computer is no longer necessary with StatPlus Portable. You only need a light and extremely compact USB flash drive. Plug it into any PC in the lab, and get your customary workplace in a matter of minutes!

StatPlus Portable version is able to run from a flash memory stick, and does not require installation to the host PC.

Updated StatPlus v6 Portable is under development, if you are interested in Portable version - please contact us to get detailed information and access to v5 build.



You will benefit from the reduced learning curve and attractive pricing while enjoying the benefits of precise routines and calculations. Mac/PC license is permanent, there is no renewal charges.

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StatPlus enables you to perform analytical and statistical calculations such as basic statistics, ANOVA, non-parametric and regression analysis, time series analysis and forecasting, survival analysis, power analysis and variety of other methods. Statistical charts, data transformations and data sampling are also supported.


StatPlus is available for both PC and Mac platforms (PC version includes standalone version StatPlus and Excel add-in StatFi) at no extra charge. Save learning time and costs for your mixed PC and Mac environment.

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Free Trial

We have free trial that gives you an opportunity to evaluate the software before you purchase it. Should you have any questions during the trial period, please feel free to contact our Support Team.

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Standalone Spreadsheet

Version 5.9 comes with both Excel add-in (StatFi) and standalone spreadsheet featuring numerous data formats import - Microsoft* Excel* 97-2003 (XLS) and 2007-2021 (XLSX) workbooks, StatSoft* Statistica* and SPSS* Documents and does not requires Microsoft Excel installed.

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StatPlus requires Windows 2000 or newer, Windows 7 or newer recommended. StatPlus does not require Internet connection (except for optional auto-update feature).