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You've chosen Macintosh as the most user-friendly computer platform available today. Mac is an incredible platform to run every tool you can ever need in your daily routine. Thanks to the strict interface requirements, even third-party tools that make it to the Mac are as easy to learn and use as native Macintosh software.

But what if you work for a math-heavy industry such as pharmacology, medicine or business, and complex statistical analysis is part of your daily routine? Did you find a user-friendly data analysis tool that works on your Mac?

There aren't that many Mac-user friendly statistical tools floating around. In fact, there aren't many data analysis tools that can work on a Mac at all, user-friendly or not! Generally speaking, you can choose between costly, heavy-duty, overly complicated statistical packages and lighter, easier to learn and to use tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Yes, Microsoft Excel offers some data analysis capabilities, and is user-friendly enough to be considered as your daily statistical tool. But is it powerful enough to substitute for a 'real' statistical package?

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By default, Microsoft Excel provides limited functionality for data management and statistical analysis. Interactive cell-by-cell calculations are a great simple way to perform basic math and solve simple problems. Unfortunately, interactivity harms reproducibility of results as there is generally no way to record what you have done while calculating the result. If you make an error on the way, you have to start your calculation all over again. In no way can you use Microsoft Excel for serious data management and statistical analysis tasks.

Luckily, you have one more option to choose from before robbing your bank account and hopping on the heavy-duty bandwagon. StatPlus:mac turns your copy of Microsoft Excel 2004/2008/2011 into a powerful statistical tool without making you learn another software or part with extraordinary amounts of money. You'll use the familiar Microsoft Excel interface to perform complex analysis and calculations, enabling you to concentrate on analyzing the results rather than figuring out how to achieve them.

Get repeatable, industry-standard results with StatPlus:mac. Supporting ISO2602:1980, ISO 2854:1976, and ISO 3207:1975 standards ensures coherent, reproducible results every time you run an analysis. Perform a number of data processing operations from the very basics to advanced ones. StatPlus:mac gives Microsoft Excel an ability to perform complex calculations and analysis tasks such as normality tests, Pagurova Criterion, correlation coefficients, GLM ANOVA and non-parametric statistical analysis. Use different methods from contingency tables analysis to rank correlations, Probit and Latin squares, Kruskal-Wallis ANOVA and Cochran Q test.

Finally, there is a Mac-user friendly data analysis tool. Forget about paying exorbitant fees and a steep learning curve. Work in a familiar Microsoft Excel environment and perform heavy-duty analysis with StatPlus:mac!

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